Acorn-Fed Paleta (Shoulder) de Bellota Slice 50g


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Considered as the finest ham in the world, Iberico ham is no doubt the pride of Spain. Iberico De Bellota, namely the acorn-fed variety of Iberico Ham is said to be the best ham in the world. During the autumn the pigs feast on acorns (or bellotas) from the holm oak and cork trees, resulting into most part of its fat mono-unsaturated and earns it the name of “olive trees on 4 legs” because their fat is nearly as healthy as extra virgin olive oil.

Paleta De Bellota, or referred to as the shoulder ham, comes from 100% Iberico Pigs that are farmed naturally and roam freely in the Dehasa until it reaches optimal size before it goes through a natural curing process of at least 24 months. With the highly infiltration of fat into its muscle tissue, you will have the piece of delight melting in your mouth with a nutty and smooth flavour. It pairs perfectly with wine, beer and a fine cup of of oolong tea.

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