Acorn-Fed Jamon (Hind Legs) De Bellota Whole Leg (approx 8-9 kg)


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Considered as the finest ham in the world, Iberico ham is no doubt the pride of Spain. Iberico De Bellota, namely the acorn-fed variety of Iberico Ham is said to be the best ham in the world. During the autumn the pigs feast on acorns (or bellotas) from the holm oak and cork trees, resulting into most part of its fat mono-unsaturated and earns it the name of “olive trees on 4 legs” because their fat is nearly as healthy as extra virgin olive oil.


Entire ham leg is approximately 8 – 9 kg, wrapped in Carrasco brand paper. It is important that the product is properly tempered before its consumption. Once opened you can cover the open part with the cut fat, covered with plastic film and a ham cover to avoid sunlight. In the absence of a professional ham carver, there are other ways to handle the product that may be useful for your experience and enjoy your unforgettable experience with the Carrasco ham. Place the whole leg on a stand ready for carving, and select the right knifes for carving. Remove the skin and cut off the outer layer of fat before slicing the ham in thin strips.

Keep Carrasco Ham in a dry place at room temperature (approx. 20-25 °C).


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