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Located in Xiluo, Yunlin, Chen Yuan Ho Soy Sauce has its origins dating back to the Guangxu era of the Qing Dynasty. The exact founding year is uncertain, but it can be traced back to 1888 according to household registration records. With a history spanning over 130 years, each generation of operators not only passes down the traditional brewing techniques but also instills the virtues expected of soy sauce makers. They adhere to the principle of ‘rejecting chemical additives, selecting high-quality ingredients, and not adding artificial flavorings,’ steadfastly upholding the quality of pure brewed soy sauce as they move towards sustainable business practices. In recent years, as awareness of healthy eating has grown, many organic stores have sought to collaborate with Chen Yuan Ho Soy Sauce, which adheres to traditional brewing methods. Chen Yuan Ho Soy Sauce may not be flashy, but it is authentic and simple, generations have dedicated themselves to crafting rich soy sauce, not only to promote healthy eating habits but also to ensure the preservation of this traditional craft, allowing consumers to savour the lasting memory of taste in traditional soy sauce.