A unique olive variety: Wild Acebuche

Wild Acebuches that grow spontaneously are specimens with a genome that is unique, unrepeatable, and different from the rest of Acebuches; in this, it differs from all olive tree varieties (the «domesticated» Acebuche, brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenicians) that share the genome inherent to each olive variety.

They can grow in rocky environments, taking advantage of the fissures in the rock for their initial development and are abundant high up in our hills

They develop like a tree or a bush and do not usually reach a great height.

Very slow vegetative growth and great longevity.

Many specimens do not yield Acebuchina, they are pollen emitters and this pollen will be genetically dominant over any olive tree pollen.

For Monva’s wild acebuches, the stalk that joins the fruit to the tertiary branches is always amazingly strong, and one can often come across dehydrated Acebuchinas, from previous years, still attached to the branch, and thus the harvest of such fruits must necessarily done by hand.

The main differences in terms of bioactive components with medicinal properties, such as nutritional, metabolic, and dermatological found in the olive; the fruit of the olive tree; and the Acebuchina, the fruit of its ancestor, the Acebuche, are measurable by chemical analysis.

According to the scientific studies*, Acebuchina oil has special characteristics, with a higher content of Palmitoleic acid, which helps reduces obeisty; Sitostanol: improves cardiovascular health;Alpha-tocopherol: reduces cellular ageing.

*Source: Jesús Espejo Maqueda, Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Seville: Comparative analytical study between Acebuchina oil and virgin olive oil.

Picual Variety

Monva’s Picual olive, planted in a traditional olive grove, gives us an oil with an intense flavour and a high content in oleic acid, provitamins and natural antioxidants, which provide extraordinary benefits for our health and better preserve the oil’s taste, smell and appearance. 

For Dominus Early Harvest, you have the picual olives that are at the “First Days” of ripening, boasting a green herbaceous oil marked by spring notes reminiscent of healthy fruit in the full bloom of youth. 

For Valle Magina, you have the picual olives that are harvested in the medium ripening stage of November, boasting an intense fruity flavour with a dense and full-bodied mouth-feel. As the olives moving onto a medium ripening stage, the transformed phenolic profiles, allowing one to have an oil with great stability. 

Olive Harvest Season

The harvest begins in October, when Monva take the olives to the mill before they have started to ripen. The harvest continues into December, when olives have completed their ripening process. Each brand in Monva’s Homegrown Oil range treasures the organoleptic qualities and unique properties of the oil from each stage of ripening of the Picual olive.

Highest Quality Standards

The production of an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires two key factors: quality fruit (hence the importance of having your own olive grove) and a delicate extraction process.

Spanish end-to-end producers are known for their well-equipped facilities allowed by their economies of scale. During our visit of the production site, we have seen such feature that is even more prominent at Monva where the necessary cooling and temperature controlled has been done. At every stage of the production (harvesting, milling and mixing, centrifugation, decantation), the highest standard has been adhered to before going onto the organic packaging process that is certified under ISO 9001 and IFS, amongst other quality standards.

Protected Designation of Origin recognised by EU

MONVA is a member of the Denomination of Origin Sierra Mágina. The olive grove extends across 61,000 hectares in the Sierra Mágina region, which is the European Union’s largest registered denomination of origin in terms of extension.

It is the largest source of activity and production and most of the area is occupied by traditional olive groves growing on slopes, with an average gradient between 10% and 15%.

The entire production and packaging process is carried out at the “Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros” family estate, thus guaranteeing quality control to obtain a truly exceptional olive oil.

Robust Research & Studies

Monva’s team carries out extensive preliminary work to achieve the best quality olives, from analysing the soil in our olive groves, the supply of water and the necessary nutrients, through to the moment of harvesting. 

To achieve high antioxidants whilst achieving great flavour, you can’t pamper the olive trees too much. Necessary draught, and challenges posed by the weather contribute to quality if on balance. It is not just a mechanical process of milling and pressing, but a creation of art that takes years of experience and scientific know-how to preserve the health-giving properties given by the mother earth.

AWARD and recognistion

Awards received by Monva

  • Jaen Selección Award, Best Oil Jaen Province
  • Alcuza Award, Green Fruitiness, Best oil PDO Sierra Mágina
  • Best monovarietal oil in the World, Leone d’Oro awards, Italy
  • Second Best oil in the World, ESAO Awards, Spain
  • Double Gold Medal, Athena Int. Olive Oil competition, Greece
  • Grand Mention, Armonia International Competition, Italy
  • Grand Prestige Gold Medal, Terraolivo International Competition
  • “Chefs Choice” Award, Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition.
  • Gold Medal, Zurich International Olive Oil Awards
  • Gold Medal, London International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal, New York International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal, Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal, Athena International Olive Oil Competition, Greece
  • Gold Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards
  • Gold Medal, Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Cup, Milan International Olive Oil Awards
  • Special mention in “Terra Oleum” competition, Green Fruit category
  • Flos Olei 2022 International Guide of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 98 points
  • Best oil of Spain, ESAO Olive Oil School of Spain
  • Platinum Cup, Milan International Olive Oil Awards
  • Top 10 Best healthy EVOO in the World

Olivares Vivos Certification

Olivares Vivos certification is based of the most important scientific study carried out worldwide on the biodiversity of olive groves. Olivares Vivos certification has the scientific endorsement of the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Jaen, under the coordination of SEO/BirdLife.

At Monva’s estate, it is not uncommon to find wild life, rabbits, wild goats, eagles, owls, you name it. Whilst many estates are undergoing restoration of biodiversity, Monva has carried such activities for decades.



At Monva, it held the records of having more than 40 species of herbs found in 1sqm. Many would have thought why share the water with these plant coverings. But the truth is that the aromas and the attributes of these herbs, eventually contributed to the quality of olive fruits, resulting into a more complex sensational experience that make their olive oil unique.


This is the chapel where the generations of Monva’s family get married. Their history is written on the land of Sierra Magina. Their deep care into the environment is far more than a marketing tool, but their love for the piece of land, on which give generations has been listening to the serenity of olive groves and the symphony of many birds species that inhabit on the etate. 

Such legacy runs in their blood, with a simple wish for the many more generations to continue enjoy the liquid gold of mother nature.