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We a small family-owned business. Each of us grew up and spent various stage of our lives across 3 different isles, providing us great exposure to food from the east all the way to mediterranean region. We want to bring the exciting flavours of our memory for everyone.

We enjoy gatherings, dinner party at home, where the time passed effortlessly and conversations flow naturally. It’s not serious home-cooking session, just an interactive session where cooking is participatory and great food we’d love to share with our guests. For that, we have long been sourcing quality produce that make creating a delicious dish effortlessly. We establish Isle Grocer & Co exactly to share the dishes and ingredients that we exactly used in hosting our friends and guests.

What we believe in

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At Isle Grocer & Co, our approach to food is rooted in mindfulness, focusing on the micro-level details of our products. Take, for example, a simple bottle of olive oil. We delve into every aspect of its creation, from the treatment of farmers and the care of the land to sourcing ingredients, packaging methods, and ultimately, the enjoyment it brings us.

Our commitment to scrutinizing these granular details in sourcing is driven by the belief that the world can be a better place when consumers wield their power to choose high-quality products. Through ethical sourcing practices, we actively promote more sustainable agricultural practices adopted by producers with integrity.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional food to you while serving as the gatekeeper to what you find on our shelves. We aim to raise awareness among everyday consumers about the true nature of their purchases, ensuring that we not only savour delicious food but also contribute to the well-being of our community and planet.

Our loyalty program

We value like-minded customers that similar belief with us. Therefore, we encourage you to join our loyalty program, which we offer generous points reward. The points earned are immediately convertible to cash for use of your purchase. For every 100 points, you are entitled to $2 dollars cashback.